Canadian Business Awards 2022

Canadian Business Awards 2022 Axani Bros Trucking: Best Family-Run Picker & Crane Company - Alberta Canor Construction Inc: Best Landscaping & Civil Construction Firm - Northeastern Ontario Desert Mountain Energy: Best Helium Exploration & Development Company - North America The Inc: Best Global Online Property Marketplace 2022 Melnyk Consultancy Ltd: Most Innovative Change Management Consultancy 2022

Introducing the Canadian Business Awards In a predominantly digital age, many businesses, across the world, rely on technology to improve their performance and provide customers and consumers with an efficient and reliable service. Subsequently, advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence have been welcomed by those seeking to transform and strengthen their business. For consumers, Artificial Intelligence remains an integral part of everyday living as applications, designed to make daily life that little bit easier, can be accessed and utilised at the push of a button. From smart home solutions to personalised online shopping experiences, AI-powered technology is leading the charge in digital transformation. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Design Team Emma Hunt, Senior Designer | Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

Contents 4. King Hopkins Pet Hospital : Pet Hospital of the Year - Durham Region 6. The Inc: Best Global Online Property Marketplace 2022 8. Melnyk Consultancy Ltd: Most Innovative Change Management Consultancy 2022 10. Canor Construction Inc: Best Landscaping & Civil Construction Firm - Northeastern Ontario 12. Desert Mountain Energy: Best Helium Exploration & Development Company - North America 14. Axani Bros Trucking: Best Family-Run Picker & Crane Company - Alberta 16. Caring Touch Home Health Care Inc: Best Home Healthcare Provider - Ontario 17. Enviro Epoxy Products Inc: Best Epoxy Coating Manufacturer 2022 18. PeopleStrong Recruitment: Best Bilingual Recruitment Firm - New Brunswick 19. TOPP KIDS Out Of School Clubs/Elcc And Community Development: Best Community & Youth Development Organisation - Alberta 20. Beauty Academy: Best Hairstyling & Beauty Aesthetics Academy - Ontario 21. Ethnic Channels Group: Best TV Broadcasting Company 2022 22. Tru Earth Environmental Products Inc. (Tru Earth): Best Eco-Friendly Household Products Company 2022 23. Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc: Best Environmental Technologies Company – Quebec 24. HireProfile Consulting: Recognized Leaders in Board Governance 2022 25. Triple J Canada Consulting Inc: Best Most Reliable Accounting & Tax Consulting Firm - GTA 26. Liberate Your True Self: Best Spiritual Crystal & Gemstone Company - British Columbia 27. INSPEC Health Solutions: Best Drug & Alcohol Testing Company 2022 - Alberta 28. Brealey Drive Animal Clinic and Pet Spa: Best Veterinary Clinic & Pet Spa - Central Ontario 29. Oscar Hoyte & Associates Ltd: Best Surveillance & Investigative Services Specialists - Ontario 30. STR Automatisation Inc: Best Industrial Automation Solutions Provider 2022 31. Mammoth Insurance: Best Insurance Services Provider - Alberta 32. Cree-Con Construction Inc: Best Family-Run Concrete Construction Company – Alberta 33. Beyond The Stage Homes: Best Home Staging & Design Company - Ontario 34. MightyWrite: Best Freelance Writing Firm – Northwestern Ontario 35. Intentional Outcomes Counselling Ltd: Counselling Service Provider of the Year – Nova Scotia 36. Mountain Mac Solutions: Best Mobile Phone Shop – Southern Interior BC 37. The Manor Village London: Best Senior Living Community – Ontario 38. Durham First Aid Inc: Best First Aid & CPR Training Provider – Ontario 39. A&A Greenilla Food Ltd: Best Authentic Myanmar Foods Manufacturer – North America 40. The Big Apple Inc: Best Traditional Apple Pie Bakery - Central Ontario 41. The John McGivney Children’s Centre: Best Paediatric Therapy & Support Provider - Windsor & Essex County 42. MRD Landscaping Inc: Landscaping Company of the Year – British Columbia 43. Ostrich Land: Best Farm Attraction - Niagara Region 44. CPA New Brunswick: Best CPA Development & Support Organisation - Maritimes 45. Rad Websites: Best eCommerce Website Agency - Western Canada 46. Canada News Media: Best Canadian News Platform 2022 47. CWS Capital: Best Alternative Investment Management Company - Western Canada

Pet Hospital of the Year - Durham Region An impeccable 24 hour vet clinic can be hard to find, especially if you have exotic pets. However, King Hopkins Pet Hospital caters for all pets through check-ups and during difficult times. Providing the best pet care and support for its customers, King Hopkins Pet Hospital has been making waves in the industry. Here we begin to understand just how important King Hopkins Pet Hospital is as we take a look at its many services and talents. Ontario has seen pet hospitals come and go however, this one has remained – King Hopkins Pet Hospital is a caring, nurturing, and understanding pet hospital that not only nurses your pet back to health, but it does everything it can to comfort you and your pet should issues be more difficult to resolve. Formed in 1995, King Hopkins Pet Hospital has experienced hundreds of furry – or scaly – friends who are in need of check-ups, treatments, and lots of TLC. Originally King Street Cat Hospital opened to address the issues of the exceptional needs of felines however, King Hopkins Pet Hospital now does everything within its power to ensure a pleasant and reassuring time for every pet along with each member of its immaculate team. The team endeavours to make the most of their knowledge and understanding to help the pets and customers who walk through King Hopkins Pet Hospital’s doors. The staff, as keen animal lovers, enjoy helping people and their pets to achieve the greatest amount of joy and wellbeing. It is important that it helps everyone who walks through its doors, no matter what the problem or concern is. King Hopkins Pet Hospital is truly an inspiration for all, especially when it comes to the health of our pets. With you every step of the way, the team takes on every pet – and their families – to ensure a healthy, happy life. The teams goal is to ensure each pet stays healthy by offering routine examinations and a plethora of treatments that can save lives and keep pets – and pet parents – happy and relaxed. Allowing customers to fill out forms for treatment requests and prescription/food refills, King Hopkins Pet Hospital prevents pets from running out of vital treatment, medicine, and food. With only 24 hours turn-around time, King Hopkins Pet Hospital gives its customers chance to top up their medicine and food quickly so that it never runs out. By doing this, every customer can feel totally at ease and relaxed when looking after their pet. Not only do these forms make things easier for customers, but it also means that this will save time when visiting the clinic. This is something that severely helps during this trying time with regards to the pandemic – King Hopkins Pet Hospital has all of these processes in place to make everyone feel safe and protected with relation to general illness and Covid-19. Whether it’s serious conditions or easily resolved issues, King Hopkins Pet Hospital can reach into its deep pockets of experience and provide only the best service for everyone involved. Its years of helping pets and their families make sure that it has the knowledge, expertise, and staff to carry out every procedure to its best ability. Its goals are to provide informative guides, keep its hospital up to date, provide a comfortable experience for all, and give pets everything they need to stay well. Its treatments involve in-house diagnostics to dentistry, parasite prevention, wellness care, and x-rays. It also provides medical boarding, medicine, anaesthesia and pet monitoring, pain management, laser therapy, and microchipping. All of these things are extremely important and potentially lifesaving, as well as life-extending so that you get much more time with your pets. There to help you around the clock, its doors are wide open throughout the day and night to allow for any customer to contact it, book an appointment, and receive treatment for their little – or not so little – family members. As King Hopkins Pet Hospital finds it so important for people to learn about their animals, it provides all kinds of information on their pets. It is aware that a lot of people find information – and false information at that – on the internet. It is aware that people can find sturdy, reliable, and accurate information online, but it also knows that a lot of it can be misinterpreted, wrong, or even life threatening for pets if followed directly. Providing information online and in-house, King Hopkins Pet Hospital offers the chance for us to deeply understand and learn much about animals – specifically our own pets. Everything that it provides allows us to take a deeper look into the world of our animals and gives us the chance to treat them exactly how they need to be treated. With the help of the team at King Hopkins Pet Hospital we can ensure a happy life for our pets, safe in the knowledge that we are looking after them to the best of our ability. King Hopkins Pet Hospital provides pet insurance as well as its other treatments and services, this allows everyone to feel that their pets are being looked after and given the best chance in life, just in case they really need help. For 2022 and beyond, King Hopkins Pet Hospital will continue on its journey to helping everyone in need, whilst keeping the quality high and the prices fair. This is so that everyone can receive the best treatment there is. We wish it the best of luck for the future as it makes such a huge difference to the lives of many. Contact: Mary Kehoe Company: King Hopkins Pet Hospital Web Address: Jan22675 Ontario has seen pet hospitals come and go however, this one has remained – King Hopkins Pet Hospital is a caring, nurturing, and understanding pet hospital that not only nurses your pet back to health, but it does everything it can to comfort you and your pet should issues be more difficult to resolve.

Issue 2 2022 7 I 20 2 Canadian Business Awards 202 5 Inc is a multinational online property marketplace, which provides an e-commerce business environment where property buyers and sellers efficiently and effectively transact business from any part of the world. Known for its disruption of well-established services through technological innovation and mass scale, the platform started as an online marketplace for properties but expanded to provide upgrade, auction, property insurance, and mortgage services, as well as free listings to real estate companies, plus virtual inspections and financial services for clients. All in all, a very unique offering in the real estate space. is considered as one of the most unique e-commerce business communities in the world. Focused on estate agents, real estate companies, new home developers as well as property hunters and buyers, The provides unrestricted reach to buyers and sellers in a marketplace that spans over 130 countries. It provides technology infrastructure and marketing visibility Best Global Online Property Marketplace 2022 An elegantly designed and easy-to-use website which enables people to buy or sell their homes quickly and easily, The is the world’s largest online property marketplace with a core objective to make it effortless to sell or buy from any part of the world. With an exciting feature that allows everyone, and anyone Plan and achieve their desire of owning their Dream home. We speak to Susan Nwodo to find out more in the wake of the firm being bestowed with a Canadian Business Award. for real estate companies allowing them to leverage the power of the global marketplace and reach a wide range of clients that otherwise might not be available to them. “The marketplace enables real estate businesses to completely transform the way they market, sell, and operate, thereby helping them improve their efficiencies and have access to a wide range of clients across the world,” explains Susan Nwodo, a spokesperson for “It has harnessed the positive effects of the digital world and produced a market and business environment that makes it possible to carry out property business transactions from any part of the world – without physical presence.” The House48 Platform has an incredibly unique feature called “My Dream Account” which allows everybody the opportunity to register and start a future plan for a home. Using advanced technology, the feature helps users explore and discover the things they love the most about properties through varieties of property categories as well as HOUSE48 www.

Canadian Business Awards 2022 7 creating and sharing original home ideas on My Dream Account. The Dream Account gives registered users access to free mortgage and financial consultations in their desires to own properties anywhere in the world. Because of its online-only presence, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, The was already well placed to produce a market and business environment that made it possible to transact business from any part of the world, through property virtual tours. The online platform enables prospective clients to tour properties, giving them a feel of the place virtually – thereby making property transactions easy. With her Headquarters in Toronto, Canada, the company is strategized to achieve seamless operation in the major continents of the world, bringing together realtors and clients to transact business on the marketplace. “ platform tracks and orchestrates every aspect of the transaction processes carried out on the marketplace ensuring a secured and smooth business deal,” continues Susan. “The marketplace is delivering dramatic improvements in productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction through the deployment of property and digital effective tools.” The internal culture at the firm is rooted around several key values, including trust, fairness, innovation community, trustworthy management and care and when recruiting for new talent, TheHouse48. com seeks those with a sense of understanding of the market, as well as a passion to become a part of the fast-paced industry. Recently, the company was recognised in the Corporate Vision Canadian Business Awards 2022 and named Best Global Online Property Marketplace and, with a global strategy to provide investors with the broadest and most diversified exposure to the world’s real estate market, the company has ambitious goals to deliver attractive long-term risk adjusted returns. “Our investment approach combines fundamental market knowledge and listed market expertise with a disciplined and systematic investment approach,” Susan elaborates. “ INC. seeks to add value through top-down research driven portfolio designs and bottom-up securities selection based on intensive and proprietary fundamental marketplace analysis.” offers investors a pure play investment into a company that has innovated in the real estate industry by providing a next-generation, e-commerce business community that brings together property buyers and sellers from different part of the world to experience and witness a unique and intriguing way of buying and selling properties seamlessly. Inc is seeking funding between $20-60 million to implement management’s strategic plan, the benefits of investment being thus: • The Marketplace has the huge potential for unlimited income. • The marketplace offers multiple revenue generation from products and services. • The marketplace offers huge return on investments. • The marketplace ensures Investment securities. Funds from investment will be used in four key areas: • Marketing and Advertisement • Expansion of field salesforce/channel partner strategy • Expansion of product development team • Activation of additional 15 offices across the world • Development and Upgrade of Infrastructure Susan concludes, “The marketplace offers multiple revenue generation for investors with visible cash flows that provides attractive total returns with less risk over the long-term.” The future looks extremely promising for this company as it continues to exceed expectations. Contact Details Contact: Ms. Susan Nwodo Company: The Inc Web Address:

Pauline Melnyk was a pioneer in the age of the “walkout”. She said, “Six years ago, I bravely chose to leave behind situations, jobs, relationships, and ideas that restricted and confined me in the workplace. I had the good sense to believe in myself and how change happens.” Her coaching strengths come from building healthy and resilient practices for others, workplaces and forming trust in teams and regenerative leadership approaches. She established Melnyk Consultancy, now globally recognised for knowing how change happens in organisations, and for its unique approach to training, accreditation, and certification of people skill. The consultancy takes on the challenging problems that others have been unable to solve in simple, practical ways. No matter the client’s position, values of integrity, fairness, maximisation and collaboration will help them to gain the knowledge to communicate and implement the change vision, innovate their area of work and advocate for their teams. Lead trainer and coach, Pauline Melnyk is passionate about building capacity intentionally, and with curiosity, focusing on what is right within teams and what can be increased or maximised by helping them experience happiness, wellbeing and success. Increasingly, complex problems require innovative approaches, and the whole globe is shook up; Melnyk Consultancy partners with businesses to develop healthy future state business models underpinned by respectful, agile organisational systems design. A key focus of Melnyk is to help reshape human-centric work design by implementing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Melnyk creates the proposition that the client can offer their employees, even plan and execute, a reopening strategy which can determine and contribute to enterprise ambitions around technology, employee wellbeing, and human/hybrid/equitable work environments. Additionally, the company works to tackle ecological sustainability, creating capacity in roles, and building new positions to deal with unsolvable problems, scare resources, limiting beliefs, and reconstructing collective behaviours. It ignites purposeful social change and economic self-reliance, focusing on growth and success of leaders for tomorrow that transform business models and systems for future integrity and values. Melnyk is known to train, coach, and accredit individuals and teams, helping to move them from awareness to action in the journey to sustainability. All strategies and operations increase the leader’s toolbox, and their understanding that good practices or innovation in one area cannot make up for doing harm in another. Best practices in change management improve human resources approaches and employee engagement that helps businesses embed and implement change. This also creates new learning experiences designed to give the knowledge and skills needed to meet sustainability objectives. The Melnyk team are all catalysts for change and they bring people, purpose and passion together to do the work. They challenge the assumptions and beliefs and create new ‘ah-ha!’ and ‘ta-da!’ moments. It is all about working collaboratively and building capacity at the individual, team, organisation, community, or societal levels. Pauline Most Innovative Change Management Consultancy 2022 Founded in 2016 by Pauline Melnyk, Melnyk Consultancy Ltd is dedicated to supporting leaders and professionals through change and transformation. With its commitment to change management, the company made the instrumental move forward in advancing careers and competencies across sectors and industries. said, “For many years, we’ve experienced and seen systems that require change ahead of the curve. Given the opportunity to shake up thinking, we create generational shifts by assessing people, planet and profits across sectors and industries.” In small business, non-profit, industry, corporate, and government entities, sustainability is key; as strong implementors and facilitators, Melnyk helps create the ‘safe container’ to transform, be present and engaged. Pauline enjoys providing the conditions where the work is done, partnering with programme leaders, and project teams can capitalise on the functional rate of change and adaptive cascading goals. Melnyk helps transform by experiences, immersion, observation, reflection, and building relationships. Melnyk also sees value in partnering with academia to create work integrated learning opportunities for students. It pushes the boundaries on innovative funding so that students can be mentored in real work experience and to provide its stakeholders and clients with opportunities to have grassroots experiences. The company is currently working with healthcare leaders and physicians to innovate leadership in crisis, whilst paving the way to the future it wants to advance, with outcomes in business activities and diversity, equity and belonging. Pauline said, “Intrinsic to success is connecting people to passion and purpose with new ways of thinking and organising and literally attending to what is dying in the old systems by focusing on the transition ahead and capturing the knowledge and lessons learned.” Pauline finds that being based in Canada has the bonus of being able to work anywhere in the world with formal leadership champions – those who have the courage and desire to destabilise and challenge old habits and old ways of thinking. Pauline said, “Partnering with dedicated and thoughtful revolutionaries can feel like lonely work, often ignored and invisible. What keeps me focused is a deep intuition that things can be better – linking trauma informed coaching, change management, and green project management to people practices, inherent motivation, creativity, and caring about quality work environments.” She continued, “Mental health and the ability to offer your talents, ideas, and skills as gifts is the new flexibility currently searched for by those escaping the existing systems. What will become visible is how specialists, while skilled, talented, and motivated, are exhausted and demoralised. Fatigue impacts their ability to be present and available, with long-term consequences of our good intention bearing witness to what’s happened as a result of our reliance on efficiency. “We help improve skills to solve problems and develop a new implementation plan. When have you been given someone else’s plans or practices and been told to just implement them? Noticing the interconnections to the problems mean we can no longer work harder, influence decision makers, or add more resources. Transition as a process is defined by people – I am human because I belong, I participate, and I share.” Melnyk is now focused on Q1 of 2022 and human-centric design

leadership, and paving the way to the future it wants. Intentional interconnected ways are like a tapestry of the human experience: emergent strategy, agile calibration, and continuous learning. Longer term goals continue to focus on raising awareness in corporate sustainability, starting with the company’s value system and principles-based approach to doing business. That means it will continue building new awareness in organisations to operating in ways that meet fundamental responsibilities in areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anticorruption. Melnyk will be driving business awareness and action in support of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. No matter how large or small, regardless of industry, all companies can contribute to SDGs and opportunities to solve societal challenges through business innovation and collaboration. Company: Pauline Melnyk Contact: Melnyk Consultancy Ltd Email: [email protected] Website: Canadian Business Awards 2022 9 of three systems, each vastly different but focused on specific implementable plans at both the strategic and operational levels. These specific projects are tackling VUCA and PESTLE challenges. Melnyk will be rethinking the workplace, shifting talent and skills, addressing the digital enablement and leadership challenges that manage in this new culture and hybrid world. It will be creating in-person flexibility and building empathy in the system through innovation and intentional collaboration. It will be engaging heads, hearts and hands in new ways and weaving service as a principle of universality and practicality. Pauline said, “The only reason these changes happen is because of people. Human spirits that trust self and others in creative and caring efforts where small levers of change are catalysts to inspiring others to innovate and learn or unlearn.” The company is also aiming to train more change practitioners and coaches over the next two years, in line with its expansion and introducing of new pathways. It will continue to gather, learn and network with change management practitioners, convening in hubs throughout the year online, working together with leaders to advance and build business of tomorrow through innovation, integration and

Operating since 1979, it is safe to say that Canor Construction is the go-to source for landscaping and construction services in North Bay, Ontario and its surrounding areas. Indeed, for just over 40 years the company has been servicing the local community, providing a vast range of services, including civil construction services, demolition services, equipment rental, commercial snow services, landscaping services, and various waste services. In addition, the company owns and operates numerous aggregate pits. As a result, Canor Construction has flourished, growing to become one of the largest construction companies in the area. Taking its construction services as an example, Canor Construction showcases its diverse skillset via a variety of means. From site preparation to environmental clean-up, the company is available to supply numerous services that will enhance any project. The company can repair, upgrade, and install water and sewer systems, build roads, and are weeping tile and Blueskin specialists. Whatever the project may call for, Canor Construction strives to provide a safe and high-quality result, that will impress the client. Since 2009, Canor Construction has been operating under the expert eye of Ken Sim. Sim has been working in the industry since the beginning of his working life – in 2000, at the age of 18, he started up his very own landscaping business in the area. Whilst Sim cut his teeth in the landscaping and construction world, he became aware of Canor Construction through the popularity of Canor’s products. After Sim’s acquisition of the company, Canor Construction blossomed, and has almost quadrupled in size since the initial purchase. Ensuring the company’s long-term success, Sim prides himself on his devotion to the customer experience and remains present throughout each project. Moreover, Canor Construction is home to a large team of industry experts who aim to maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in their dealings with the company’s suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates, and customers. Its broad range of staff includes estimators, skilled and general labourers, sanitary engineers, quality control personnel, heavy equipment operators, project coordinators, AZ-DZ truck drivers, administrative personnel, mechanical personnel, and health and safety officers. Their incredible collaboration translates to many happy customers. At the heart of the company lies a set of unwavering values and its commitment to quality. It is detail-oriented and determined to provide a premium level of service, henceforth it performs pre-construction inspections and can provide a detailed log of the services provided. Additionally, the company prioritizes the safety of both its team and its clients. There are many things that could go wrong on a construction site, as a result, machinery is only operated by skilled and experienced operators and drivers. The company also employs a full-time health and safety officer to ensure all safety standards are enforced. Bolstered by both the team and its values, the company is consistently able to reach its overarching mission – to provide strong and ethical guidance in the field of aggregate, waste removal, road maintenance, landscaping, and much more. Consequently, Canor Construction is able to grow and evolve as a company, moving closer to its desire to be seen as an influential business. The company is sure to continue to accomplish such goals as time progresses, and these goals act as its primary motivation to continue providing excellent services. Working on numerous high-value projects, the company has a vast and diverse portfolio. No two projects are the same for Canor Construction, something which the company is abundantly grateful for. One of its completed projects was for North Bay Chrysler – Canor Construction was hired to oversee and complete site services, building footprints, and utility cuts. The project value lies around 630,000 Canadian Dollars. In contrast, one of its current projects is for the Gateway Cascade Casino. With an estimated project value of $3,200,000 (CAD), Canor Construction is working on the building footprint, site services, landscaping, retaining wall, and asphalt and concrete works. Indeed, the company is willing to undertake a project no matter how complex it may be. From residential to commercial projects, Canor Construction aims for the same result – a happy customer. Best Landscaping & Civil Construction Firm - Northeastern Ontario Over the better part of half a century Canor Construction has been aiding clients across the Northeastern Ontario area and be it through landscaping or its commercial snow services, it has cultivated a positive reputation in the region. In 2009, the company was taken over by Ken Sim, and in the subsequent years, it has climbed to further success. No project is too big or complex for the company, as it treats each project in the same manner – with care, professionalism, and enthusiasm.

This mindset is reflected in the reviews of the company. Across numerous platforms, customers have left an array of positive comments that praise multiple aspects of the company, from the quality of work to the politeness of the staff. Melanie Turenne, a customer looking for some black topsoil, stated, “I would recommend Canor Construction to anyone looking for a quick delivery, great prices, excellent customer service, and good quality products/work.” Encapsulating the essence of the company in their review, Alexander McKenna commented, “If you have a job, ask them if they do it and I think you will be surprised how they can help.” The final quotation truly captures the mentality of the company, no matter what the issue may be or the size of the project, Canor Construction wants to provide the best service for its clients. Canadian Business Awards 2022 11 Ultimately, the winners of Best Landscaping & Civil Construction Firm - Northeastern Ontario have an action-packed future ahead of them. It has been awarded numerous contracts that it will be fulfilling in the new year, including a job with PCL and the Casselhome Nursing Home project which begins later in the year. Overall, Canor Construction endeavours to continue impressing clients across North Bay and its surrounding areas, with the hopes that it will be able to expand its services further afield. Contact: Ken Sim Company: Canor Construction Inc Web Address:

Desert Mountain Energy is an advanced development company that has vertically integrated into the zero-carbon helium production operation in Arizona in the USA. Fundamentally, the company has been working hard to integrate an ESG program that addresses environmental factors that the company comes across during its working process, implementing equal hires practices and strict corporate governance in order to keep itself compliant. This dedication to ensured, third-party witnessed compliance is something that forms a big part of its operation, as oversight in the energy creation industry is something that is not just desirable, but necessary. Additionally, DME is one of the few publicly trading resource companies with 3 female board members, planning to power its future finishing facility with solar and hydrogen as opposed to the fossil fuels that are both traditionally incredibly toxic to the environment and fast depleting. In this manner, DME will be attaining its helium from wells that are predominantly nitrogen as opposed to producing it from gas fields whereupon this is traditionally done. DME is drilling wildcat wells looking for new fields in areas in Arizona that have never produced helium. Most North American helium companies are looking for helium in old, known, abandoned natural oil and gas fields in the Western US and Canada. The company has discovered 2 new helium fields – more than much of its competition has – setting itself apart from its competition and showing to stakeholders the ability to take the initiative that this company has. It displays a singular tenacity that is undaunted by challenge and that it plies throughout its operations, from securing new sources of energy to closing deals with important partners or investors. With helium prices having increased of late, this is more important than ever. DME, in essence, is funnelling more and more effort into client retention and outreach as a result, showing them continually that their faith in its services continuing is still a smart decision through its continued dedication to their satisfaction and its ability to persevere. With less development money going into new traditional gas fields across the board, and the depletion of the BLM storage facility in Texas that had up until recently been such a booming epicentre of industrial prowess, the impact of Covid-19 has been sorely felt in the energy sector from supply chains to new hires. Therefore, corporate resources have been a challenge to maintain across the board. It wishes to attract new, young minds to the industry, but the pandemic has made attracting new professionals difficult as not only could people meet face to face to determine compatibility, but more often than not many of these people start work from home and have remained there. Similarly, regarding supply chains, even when borders began to reopen and things became somewhat less congested, coping with the backlog and the efficiency blockers that had developed over the course of the outbreak is still something that is being felt to this day across multiple shipping routes. Best Helium Exploration & Development Company - North America A company committed to the exploration, development and production of helium, an irreplaceable and valuable gas widely used by high-tech industries. Desert Mountain Energy is an Arizona-based company with a talented and innovative team of committed people behind it. Critically, it hopes to be able to work harder than ever to step up to the plate for the recovering heliummarket, recognizing the turmoil it has gone through of late and aiding it in taking the next step towards greater success. By doing this, it hopes to be part of the solution for a global heliummarket in deficit. All this being said, it is still a proud Canadian company with a proud Canadian heritage. It will continue to use this long into the future to secure international deals and partnerships, making a vast number of friends and allies in its industry and maintaining the benefits that come from being based in Canada, such as raised risk capital. Thus, as it moves forward into 2022 and beyond, it is looking forward to moving back into pushing for new hires in order to expand its team even further with additional new perspectives and bright new voices who will shape its future. DME is incredibly sensible of the fact that the world is changing, and that in order to change and adapt alongside such things, it will need a variety of viewpoints within its ranks from whom it can pool ideas and gauge the level to which any given plan is ‘future friendly’. Each member of staff within its team works hard and with a diligence that is truly industry-leading, providing the invaluable commodity of energy to the US domestic market and knowing the company they work for like the backs of their hands in order to know where it is heading and to what end. Therefore, in the future, it hopes that new hires will let this team speak for themselves in telling them the reasons why they’d be a compelling team to join. DME can promise a familial, considerate, and intelligent environment where everyone is working towards a common goal and is equally in the know, where every voice matters, and the background of the employee does not make their opinion any more or less valid than anyone else’s. Due to this renewed hiring effort, it expects 2022 to be a busy, dynamic, and fast-moving year – and this isn’t just thanks to its ambitions in expanding the team – as it hopes that with this increase in staff it will be able to drill 7 new helium wells in the coming year in addition to bringing onboard new production in Q2. This, it hopes, will directly result in a bolstered cash flow for the company and a serious increase in productivity, product reach, and company standing within the energy sector, making itself more of a linchpin of the industry one satisfied client at a time. It also wishes to see the helium industry recovering in the coming year. With supply chains getting back on their feet and having developed an +85,000-hectare helium project in the Holbrook Basin of Northern Arizona, it has truly made itself a fiercely competitive element, its basin HQ holding the highest grades of Helium in the world. Helium, after all, is such an irreplaceable part of so many high-tech solutions all over the world, the global shortage hitting many high-income industries incredibly hard as a result and finding themselves smacked with an 135% increase in the price of crude helium over the past 12 months; DME promises to become an invaluable partner to these professionals in the years to come. Company: Desert Mountain Energy Contact: Don Mosher Website:

Canadian Business Awards 2022 13 DESERT MOUNTAIN ENERGY CORP.

The team at Axani Bros Trucking have built their name on being able to offer something a little different from the norm. With an enormous range of projects undertaken by the industries of Cold Lake and Fort McMurray, success often depend on the ability of contractors to deliver bespoke solutions. These solutions are precisely what the team behind Axani Bros Trucking specialize. The team at Axani Bros Trucking offer crane and picker service with a specialty in tandem and multi-crane lifts. For many in the local area, their services are not only invaluable, but vital to the continued operation of many organizations. Since being established in 1997, this family business has grown from a one-truck operation into a business that is spread over nine units and includes cranes that can lift up to 90 tons. When the team first considered the way that the firm would operate, they could not have known that it would grow so extensively over twenty-five years. A quarter of a century on, Axani Bros Trucking is still led by Dean and Dale Axani. They have continued to stretch into new and exciting areas, boasting the best equipment in the region and building a team that has a combined expertise of more than 60 years. It’s little wonder that with such perfect resources on hand, the team have been able to undertake the necessary work to keep this business on top and ahead of the competition. With an impressive array of equipment that can stand toe-to-toe with larger competition, the Axani Bros Trucking team has proven time and again that they can deliver truly superb results. The smaller nature of their company does not make them any less impressive, with an approach that champions exceptional service above all else. The personalized touch means that the team not only offer solutions that make a real difference to their clients, but can collaborate to ensure that the approach taken is the right one for the individual situation. When it comes to the complex work of oilfields, the Axani Bros Trucking team have been able to offer services that are consistently second to none. The team’s services include pipeline construction, oilfield services, plant construction and maintenance as well as PAD and camp construction to name but a few. The remarkable skill expected of the team at all times is why they are in such high demand in this sector – there are very few who can offer these services to a similar standard. The team also offer picker and crane services to clients, leveraging an array of high efficiency tools that are chosen because they are appropriate to the task at hand. With various sizes of picker trucks, cranes and trailers, the team are proud to have the equipment and experience to work out any project that comes their way. Meticulously maintained and specifically rigged for the purpose, no matter what the scope of work the team are able to find the right solution. The team have been proud to work on an incredible portfolio of projects, with their bespoke approach being key to their continuing success. Naturally for a business working in such a potentially dangerous field, the focus of the business on health and safety is essential. It isn’t enough to simply offer exceptional services. Every time that Axani Bros Best Family-Run Picker & Crane Company - Alberta In the oilfields and construction sites that lie between Cold Lake and Fort McMurray, the team at Axani Bros Trucking are an invaluable resource. Their skill and expertise, combined with their commitment to health and safety, have made them the proivders of choice when it comes to cranes and pickers. It’s little surprise that in Corporate Vision’s Canadian Business Awards 2022, this incredible firm achieved astonishing success. We lift the veil to shed some light on their remarkable efforts. Trucking is involved in a project, everyone on site must feel safe and secure in their working environment. Only the most conscientious of employees are allowed to operate equipment to ensure the ultimate in safety standards. Accidents on a work site reflect a poor approach to systems and safety in general. The Axani Bros Trucking’s Health and Safety and Environment Management system is a way of working that continually looks at safety as a priority. Instead of an afterthought, it colors the way in which every action is done. These high standards are guaranteed for customers by COR certification. Hazardous conditions are quickly investigated with corrective action taken to avoid similar occurrences happening again. On an employee level, new staff are trained and tested before getting anywhere near a worksite. This means they receive a mix of on-the-job training, mentorship and direct supervision to bring them to the same standards as everyone else within Axani Bros Trucking. For this ambitious team, growth is never far from their minds. Already, they have undertaken a major investment in the firm of a new shop near Cold Lake. As the latest addition to the team’s impressive offerings, it provides a new base of locations that is specifically designed to make life easier for staff and customers alike. This useful attention to detail, and determination to serve the customer, goes a long way to developing strong bonds which can be relied upon for many years. When looking at Axani, it’s clear that their work is leading the way in the industry. Few can match their unparalleled standards for safety, for quality and for sheer diversity of work. In this sector, all three of these aspects are vital to securing success. The responsibility that the team show for the wellbeing of their clients is the key to their many achievements over the years and is certain to bring about more potential opportunities for the team in the coming months and years. Company: Axani Bros Trucking Name: Dean Axani Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

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Jan22004 Best Home Healthcare Provider - Ontario Caring Touch Home Health Care Inc. is a family-owned and -operated home healthcare provider which is proud to be 100% Canadian. The company provides nurse-managed personalised home healthcare services to seniors and older adults living with disabilities. Its goal is to continuously meet the needs of both its clients and partners in its community with kindness, respect and dignity, while upholding the highest standard of excellence to improve the quality of clients’ lives. Caring Touch Home Health Care was founded on the core principle that people care for people and continuity in care builds better relationships. All its care plans are as special and unique as its clients, as it gives the families it cares for its caring touch and becomes an extension of their family. Caring Touch director, Nicole Troiano said, “We believe that quality care must address both the emotional and physical health of an individual. This philosophy drives our entire team and has allowed us to build strong long-lasting relationships with all our clients and their families.” The Caring Touch team is determined to take the extra time and effort to get to know their prospective clients and families so they can properly address their every concern and personalise each care plan to meet their needs. The company believes its care starts with understanding each unique situation, concern and care need. Its carers listen with patience to help clients and their families make better choices and informed decisions. Caring Touch’s philosophy is simple: to create a safe, happy and healthy home environment for its clients. The company is highly selective in the type of caregiver it chooses to be part of its team and send to a client’s home. It understands that clients have different dynamics, and it respectfully identifies this in choosing the right caregiver. Nicole tells us, “Our team makes the Caring Touch family what it is, and we are extremely proud of the achievements of our staff. We all work together to help our clients by providing the best possible care with respect, dignity and compassion.” Unfortunately, the elderly population has always been impacted by isolation, and although COVID-19 has increased their isolation, the media has given social isolation among seniors a voice. Nicole said, “This newfound awareness is highly significant because seniors have felt overlooked by society for decades. The sad part about this is we talk about what we can do for our seniors; in reality, not much has been done to accommodate socially isolated seniors to improve their “Golden Years”.” Caring Touch is on a mission to make Ontario’s elderly feel less lonely with its care services. It has also been working on its Flourish Wellness and Enrichment Centre for the elderly in its community because it understands that they need a place to feel connected, welcomed and stimulated both mentally and physically through therapeutic programmes. Company: Caring Touch Home Health Care Inc. Contact: Nicole Troiano Email: [email protected] Website:

Dec21547 Best Epoxy Coating Manufacturer 2022 Established over two decades ago, Enviro Epoxy Products Inc. has an international reputation and is renowned for leading premium epoxy and concrete repair products. Recently awarded the title of Best Epoxy Coating Manufacturer of 2022, Enviro Epoxy is a product well circulated within Canada and across the nation. Founded 20 years ago by Terrence DeSouza, Enviro Epoxy Products Inc. is a nationally acknowledged pioneer in the manufacturing of premium epoxy. Whilst prices have increased significantly for the use of raw materials during the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic; Enviro Epoxy has refused to sacrifice production quality or its value of a positive environmental agenda for any cost. Striving to lead the industry, Enviro Epoxy remains a one-stop-shop for innovative and the highest industry standard quality of epoxy repair coatings and products. Enviro Epoxy’s trademark solvent-free solid epoxy coating systems can safely be used in virtually any home, industrial, or commercial application. The next generation of Enviro Epoxy products also provides protection for concrete floors with the added benefit of being fastsetting and UV friendly. For anyone who’s travelled throughout Canada and managed to step foot inside a residential garage, industrial warehouse, factory or airport hangar, there is a good chance you’ve found yourself standing on one of Enviro Epoxy’s products – the floor. With excellent craft and care for its products, Enviro Epoxy proudly showcases its work across the nation. Whilst Enviro Epoxy was established 20 years ago; founder Terrence has over 50 years of imperative experience and expertise in the coatings and asphalt industry. “We are as committed today as when we started our small Canadian manufacturing company over 20 years ago. Our dedicated and rapidly growing customer base is proof of our commitment,” explains Terrence. Overall, Enviro Epoxy aims to aid its customers in solving their epoxy floor coating and concrete repair challenges whilst doing its part for the planet. Proud of its high-quality work, Enviro Epoxy provides industrialgrade, environmentally friendly products utilised all over Canada. Moreover, due to its impeccable craft and care, Enviro Epoxy has been acknowledged by the Canadian Business Awards for its service to the Canadian community. Since Enviro Epoxy’s establishment, its commitment has always focused on manufacturing environmentally friendly products that produce zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have harmful effects on people and the environment. “Our clients, distributors, and contractors share our passion for corporate environmental responsibility. We will proudly continue to educate others on this topic and lead by example as we aim to remove harmful chemicals from industrial, commercial, and residential spaces,” explains Terrence. Moreover, while Enviro Epoxy focuses on manufacturing, the company has the added benefit of partnering with certified professional applicators. These professionals can apply products to various surfaces and spaces, including high-performance commercial-grade flooring, grow operations, power plants, maintenance, and residential areas. Currently, it has been stated that the coatings industry is experiencing some difficulties due to the aftershock of Covid-19. However, with determination and perseverance, Enviro Epoxy remained open to serving distributors across Canada and the local community as an essential service. However, the company still had its fair share of bumps regarding raw material shortages, substantial increases in manufacturing costs, and shipping delays. Although there was a struggle, Enviro Epoxy has been able to keep the same environmentally friendly products, high-quality service, and competitive prices as they offered since its establishment 20 years ago. Continuously striving to deliver top-tier products, Enviro Epoxy is leading the industry by launching its new ‘satin’ finish set to be released in 2022. It offers an entirely innovative look but with the same durability as its current epoxy line - keeping up with demand whilst towering over its competitors. Company: Enviro Epoxy Products Inc. Name: Tanya de Souza Email: [email protected] Web Address: Canadian Business Awards 2022 17