Global Business Awards 2021

Resume Writer of the Year 2021 (India): Amrita Kolay There are several popular Resume Writing Certifications (CPRW, PARW, CMRW, and others) across the globe. All of them are created to distinguish the excellent quality of writing and resume expertise. Certified resume writers typically have a few years of experience and are well-versed in creating resumes for all industries; Amrita Kolay is one amongst the elite group of writers from India. Amrita’s journey has been extremely difficult and challenging. Way back in 2012, resume writing as a career option was unheard of. But Amrita not only survived in this field but also carved a niche. Amrita explains, “For me, it all started way back in college when my resume was rejected by the interviewer stating that it was not as per industry standards. My knack for writing and the zeal to search for an answer for the rejection led me to where I am today. Now, after nine years of researching and working in this field, I now know what works best for job seekers across the globe.” Apart from writing resumes, Amrita is also guiding and helping job seekers struggling to keep their resumes afloat in the digital waters. Additionally, she provides counselling to help job seekers tackle and overcome their career obstacles, branding, and improving a client’s profile online. Her work and approach have been covered by various leading media channels in India; names including The Hindu, Sunday Midday, Dainik Bhaskar, and more. During a few recent media interviews, Amrita was asked: ‘How is the resume that you write different from the one prepared by cybercafé workers?’ and ‘Why can’t we copy-paste to make our resume?’. These questions reflect the mindset of most people and educating clients about the basics of resume writing is a major challenge that Amrita has faced. Most people in India are not aware of the importance of career consultancy services or resume writing services. Amrita explains, “For some, they still pay the cybercafé workers $2 to write their bio-data or CV in India. If not the café workers, most people prefer to copy-paste the content from the internet or a friend’s resume.” Such practice can have major repercussions on a job seeker’s profile. In order to save few bucks, job seekers end up badly messing up their resumes and their profiles don’t even reach a recruiter’s hand. The ultimate goal of the resume writing industry is to catch hiring authorities’ eyes in the shortest possible time while navigating and staying afloat in the digital waters. Amrita states, “Seeing the future, I have already started educating my clients about the dos and don’ts, be it ATS resumes, video resumes or story resumes - I make it a point to assist my clients in the best possible way.” Post Covid-19, there is a rise in resume writing firms and freelancers providing such services, but, as Amrita explains, “After getting duped by a company or a writer, most people form a negative mindset about all resume writers and consultants. So, educating job seekers, gaining their trust, and ultimately quoting genuine rates are a few pervasive challenges that I encounter daily.” Amrita’s unique selling point is transparency and honesty with all clients. Amrita explains, “In a world where job seekers often get duped Aug21483 On behalf of Corporate Vision, Amrita Kolay has been accredited as: ResumeWriter of the Year 2021 - India This award symbolises the hard work, dedication, and effort that institutions/individuals across the globe have applied throughout the challenges faced in the midst of a global pandemic! Amrita’s excellent work and contribution in the field of Resume Writing and Career Consultancy, helped her to win the Global Business Awards 2021. by fake companies in the name of jobs, I make it a point to educate my clients about nuances of the industry – especially the dos and don’ts. Whenever a client approaches me, I make it a point to review their draft and hear their story and challenges that they are facing.” In Amrita’s profession, people’s jobs and livelihoods are at stake, and to help them better, it is imperative to stay updated. Amrita states, “My certifications and memberships help me to stay current about the formats, tools, and techniques; utilizing the same, and I make it a point to help my clients during their job search endeavour; thankfully more than 90% of my clients have benefitted from the resume writing and coaching service that I have provided.” Amrita was a beginner in this field of work, and now she has carved a niche in this industry. Today, Amrita has more than nine years of experience, her positive google reviews, recommendations, unique work samples and dedication towards her work that are a testimony of her being the best in the industry. Amrita explains, “Coming from an engineering background, I knew nothing about the field of resume writing. However, my knack of learning and the zeal to assist job seekers helped pave the way for myself. In addition, the positive feedback, testimonials, recommendations, and motivations that I received from my clients kept me going in the field.” Name: Amrita Kolay Email: [email protected] Web Address: LinkedIn: