Global Business Awards 2021

Best Care Coordination Digital Health Solutions Provider - USA Outpatient App is a digital health, medical task and care coordination tool for patients, families, medical providers, and caregivers. Recognized for its outstanding product with the Global Business Awards, Outpatient App has been used in health systems and senior living communities for collaboration and communication across caregivers, providers, and families. Outpatient is a mission-driven company with its view, team culture, and openness critical to its success. The company stays at the forefront by working with the most talented and well- resourced customers and organizations globally. Peter Yewell, Co-Founder and COO of Outpatient, states, “We’ve been able to match up to our strengths of speed and simple UI with their strengths in expertise and information access. This makes for an effective partnership.” Overall, the company has all-hands meetings weekly where it covers everything going on within the business, and this leadership style builds trust and stability through highs and lows. Outpatient is a simple, easy to use, digital health platform and is a mobile-first system that’s now available on a desktop browser and any connected device. “Since our beginnings, we have applied consumer user simplicity to the digital health space. We also release full app store updates to our product monthly based on user feedback. Since our original launch in September 2018, we have released 42 full release updates in 36 months,” states Peter. Most recently, Outpatient has been adapted for the US military, including the US Air Force, as a medical readiness tracking and coordination system for deployment clearance. In this use case, much like health systems, the collaboration is across numerous groups - military medical providers, service members, commanding officers, and others. The evolution of the health industry is now front and center for almost everyone in technology and business. “The Covid-19 pandemic has driven change but also benefits almost everyone going forward. The health industry will soon be a much more stable and efficient system compared to pre-pandemic. It has been forced on the world to make this happen,” explains Peter. Moreover, the larger health system companies now want to collaborate with Outpatient in a manner that did not exist two years ago. The overall interest in making patient access to information easier is amazingly better in such a short period. “We think this trend will continue and reduce costs of health care significantly. By embracing digital technology and patient access to information, provider systems are more efficient and focus on what they do best (healthcare),” states Peter. In all implementations, Outpatient enables scheduling, messaging communications, task assignments, automatic notifications, and updates -- all inside a simple and easy to use interface. Peter explains, “The company has a product and engineering team with technology backgrounds from Facebook, Nest / Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and Salesforce. We all have extensive experience in scaling global technology platforms (and all family caregivers too).” This focus on a consumer-simple user interface and iteration speed is unique in the health industry. In aggregate, the global health industry is 25% of the world GDP and similarly in the U.S. It’s an enormous and mostly a big slow-moving behemoth. “To succeed in this industry, we believed you must focus on a sliver component, succeed there and then expand,” explains Peter. The Covid-19 pandemic significantly disrupted the company’s focus because most health systems, including elder care and senior living facilities, were almost entirely paused during 2020. “Our successful focus from 2019 almost killed our existence, so we had to adapt quickly.” Peter explains, “During this same period, we won a contract with the US Air Force to adapt our health application to improve military medical readiness (medical clearance for deployment). This is how we initially survived 2020, but then we won a second contract and are now continuing to expand – not just with the military but government-sponsored population health management.” The Covid-19 pandemic dramatically accelerated a slow- moving transition to Telehealth, and Outpatient benefited and contributed to this acceleration. “We believe today we’re at the center of a fundamental shift in population health management,” explains Peter, and thus proven with its most recent recognition as the Best Care Coordination Digital Health Solutions Provider – USA. Aptly named and appropriately honored. Company: Outpatient App Name: Peter Yewell – Co-Founder / COO Email: [email protected] Web Address: Sep21908