Canadian Business Awards 2022

With numerous large-scale projects in its portfolio, Cree-Con Construction Inc. has certified its ability to provide show-stopping results. Each project that it undertakes is treated with the utmost care, and is infused with a true love for the industry and art. Indeed, there is no stopping the company, as it plans to work on numerous exciting projects in 2022. With a portfolio featuring projects such as a collaboration with Ledcor and Pagnotta Industries on the Royal Alberta Museum’s floating stairs, to the development of the Marriot Suite Hotel, it should serve as no surprise that over the past 10 years Cree-Con Construction Inc. has established itself in a competitive industry. Servicing commercial clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas, its clients vary from small family-owned businesses to industry leaders, such as the aforementioned Pagnotta Industries. For Cree-Con Construction Inc., no job is to complex. Be it installing superflat concrete slabs or installing herringbone finish ramps into construction projects, the company endeavours to provide an extraordinary service. Moreover, the company is a member of the Edmonton Construction Association and is COR certified, which clearly defines the company’s devotion to providing customers with an exceptional final result. Most importantly, however, operating in a nation where the Indigenous population continues to face discrimination, the company is a proud Aboriginal enterprise. As such, Cree-Con is Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business certified. Every position at Cree-Con Construction Inc. is valuable – not one role is better than the other. This attitude is reflected all the way through the company, and can be seen within the owners, Dennis and Karma Hunter, who are directly involved with the everyday site activities. In turn, a climate of mutual respect has been cultivated, and has ensured that both the employers and employees hold visions, values, and beliefs that align with each other. A key indicator of the team’s success is the fact that the crew has been working together for over 10 years. Consequently, Cree-Con Construction Inc. has become one of the most efficient concrete placing companies in Edmonton. There are not a lot of new hires within the industry due to its physical nature and demanding schedule, henceforth, Cree-Con attends trade shows and youth career events to try and acquire new hires. The company is willing to bring on those with minimal experience and education in the hopes that they will learn and advance within the field. The industry is nothing short of intense – there are no half hour breaks at lunch, there are no 4:30pm finishes, and whatever the weather they will be out working. Indeed, through the rain, the extreme heat in the summers, and cold in the winters, Cree-Con Construction Inc. is willing to work throughout the most extreme circumstances. Its members work through the night and into the mornings to finish projects, as there is simply no other choice. Cancelling a pour day is not an option. The industry is both draining and physically demanding, with long hours and intense physical demands, yet the company’s team show up every day to provide a quality product to the client. Its devotion, passion, and drive are what sets it apart from other companies. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic had an enormous impact on numerous businesses, Cree-Con Construction Inc. found that it was one of the lucky few that were able to continue operating. During this turbulent and uncertain period, the company remained busy, completing several projects during this time. Of course, this can be credited to its employees’ devotion to supplying a high-quality service and perfect end result. Due to the success of its work during this time, Cree-Con Construction Inc. gained numerous repeat customers and a plethora of new clients. The upcoming year is set to be busy for the industry as a whole – the city has approved over 70 high-rise, low-rise, and warehouse/retail spaces for development. Cree-Con Construction Inc. is currently working on The Garneau Residential towers in the University area, The Apex #3 development, and is in the process of acquiring at least 3 more high-rise developments with Pagnotta Industries alongside several commercial site works with Dawson Wallace Construction. Contact: Karma Hunter Company: Cree-Con Construction Inc. Web Address: Jan22396 Best Family-Run Concrete Construction Company – Alberta