Canadian Business Awards 2022

MightyWrite’s chief storyteller, Leanne Fournier, is constantly inspired by her clients and community. We find out more about what makes her tick in the wake of the company being recognized in the Corporate Vision Canadian Business Awards. Here we speak to Leanne about how she draws on over three decades of experience to help business clients and social causes bring their stories to the world. MightyWrite is a freelance writing firm located along the shores of the Winnipeg River, near Kenora, Ontario. Leanne Fournier is MightyWrite’s head writer and lead. “How lucky am I that most of the work I do happens here in the wilds of Northwestern Ontario, where I might see a wolf, an eagle or, if I’m really lucky, a great blue heron across the bay when I take a break?” She adds, “Seriously, this is the best workplace in the world.” Leanne is inspired every day by her natural surroundings but also by the equally stimulating people she gets to interview and learn from in her writing for businesses and social causes. Her approach is to do the research and write accurate, thought-provoking content and stories to meet her clients’ unique goals. “I love words, but it’s always about more than just the writing,” she said. “To be successful today, you need to understand the power of well-researched, professional content as well as the style and structure of stories that get results in various platforms.” Since MightyWrite is a small – but mighty – team, Leanne draws on a diverse lineup of writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers, digital and social media experts, and business associates to expand her capacity to meet her clients’ diverse needs. “I like to make developing stories and content easy and fun for clients across multiple platforms – articles, websites, social media, books, blogs, advertising, news releases, white papers, and more.” A distinguishing factor in Leanne’s success is the lasting and strong relationships she fosters with her clients. “That’s vital to our ability to collaborate on a deeper level to build and evolve their stories together.” As much as possible, she likes to weave in personal elements to engage audiences using key storytelling principles. “People care about people more than companies,” she said. “Humanizing your business story is the way to share your brand message, engage your audience and drive action based on the emotional response your story inspires.” Being curious, committed and able to cut through the clutter are Leanne’s super-powers. In addition to her work with business clients, Leanne is also passionate about giving back to her community by using her voice and communication skills to raise awareness and drive action for social injustices. This takes the form of volunteering and engagement in causes close to her heart. Many of her stories are dedicated to bringing awareness to people and causes in Kenora and its surrounding areas. A life-long learner, Leanne is currently participating in the internationally acclaimed Akimbo Story Skills Workshop. Here, activists and artists, entrepreneurs, educators, makers, marketers, scientists and scholars come together to build their writing skills and discover how they can make a difference by telling better stories. Along with her partner in life, Michael Fournier, Leanne is also launching a new business venture called Brush Balusters, a unique made-from-nature building option that will give customers a way to express their values and unique interests by choosing a product that is authentic and fully sustainable. Leanne knows she’ll have her work cut out for her in telling this story. “We will need to shift consumer behaviours to consider the reasons why a product like ours is right for them and Mother Earth.” She is looking forward to the challenge. Leanne is grateful to have recently received the award for Best Freelance Firm in Northwestern Ontario. She sees it as a testament to the consistent work she’s done to attract clients and gain traction throughout the region as well as the rest of Canada. “There are many other great firms, so I am especially honoured to be selected. I see it as a reward for the persistence, resilience, and yes, sometimes the courage it takes to be a small business owner in these ever-changing times.” She adds, “For every challenge we face, there’s always a new opportunity and someone who needs our help.” She refers to her motto, which also guides her social mission: Know who you are and how you can help. “In that, there is always hope.” Contact: Leanne Fournier Company: MightyWrite Website: Jan22152 Best Freelance Writing Firm – Northwestern Ontario